Teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji

Sikhism is a religion of divinity within a human framework – brotherhood of man. Implicit within its precept is a conscious and continuous process of struggle against oppression, injustice and to affirm traditional values deeply rooted in the hearts of Sikhs, who originated from the Punjab (the Land of the Five Rivers).

Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs, laid the foundation of a long ideological war of liberation, fought consistently over the lives of the ten Gurus, for equality between Men and Women, race and creed, in political rights, etc.

It was left to the tenth Guru to grasp the full spiritual, political, social and cultural Implications, to activate the ideology, and give it form, substance, structure and force to complete the process. Thus the modern-day Sikh worships One God, works hard and shares with others, lives a truthful life, practices equality and puts his faith in the teachings of the Holy Book Guru Granth Sahib.

There are two Sikh communities in Norwich.

Norwich Gurdwara Sri Guru Ram Das Prakash,
Old Palace Road, Norwich
Contact 07905878779 – Popinder Singh Landa
Open Sundays 11.30-4.30

Norfolk and Norwich Sikh Society

Contact: Mr Kular

01603 568643

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