Jewish Communities in Norwich

Norwich Hebrew Congregation – Traditional Synagogue

Today there is a small but active Congregation with a resident Minister. We hold regular religious services, educational activities and cultural events. Services are held regularly each Shabbat morning at 10 am; we are traditional and use the previous Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks’ siddur. We have men’s seating, women’s seating and mixed seating areas. Following the service, a Kiddush is served in the communal hall.

The Synagogue is located at 3a Earlham Rd, opposite the Catholic Cathedral, NR2 3RA.

For more information, please visit the Norwich Hebrew Congregation website.

Norwich Liberal Jewish Community

Liberal Judaism reverences Jewish tradition, and seeks to preserve the values of the Judaism of the past while giving them contemporary force. It aspires to a Judaism that is always an active force for good in the lives of Jewish individuals, families and communities today, and equally makes its contribution to the betterment of society.

Services are held at the Old Meeting House, Colegate, NR3 1BW.

Visit the websites below to find out more about the Norwich Liberal Jewish Community and to read an interesting article in The JC about one man’s experience of relocating his family from London to Norwich.

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