In Judaism, Torah scrolls are considered the holiest objects and are handled with extreme affection and care. 

Historically Judaism is the first of the three world’s great Monotheistic religions, believing in one God, along with Christianity and Islam, both which developed later. Jews believe their history has given them a relationship, or covenant, with God in which they have an obligation to live as God wishes them to – with care, consideration and charity for others and their environment.

Judaism is above all an ethical religion – it has been said that to find out about Judaism ask a Jew not what they believe but what they do. The key to this way of life is in the Torah, containing the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy, and these spell out a Jew’s religious and ethical obligations.

While an Orthodox Jew believes that the Torah is literally God’s word which a Jew must strive to obey in every detail, a Progressive or Liberal or Reform Jew would try to relate this ancient wisdom to today’s realities, living a life which preserves timeless ethics in a modern world.

All Jews appreciate their religion’s history and traditions, and study and scholarship are highly prized.

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