Programme of Future Events

Future Norwich InterFaith Link Events and Meetings:

If you would like more information about attending any event or if there is a subject you would like to come and talk to us about (provided it meets with the Code of Practice), please use the Contact Us page and message David (Chair),

During Covid-19 our monthly meetings are taking place by Zoom video link on your computer with members on our mailing list given details and reminders by email.
The Zoom Room will open at 7.00pm to allow time for chat and introductions.

May 18th 2021 Tuesday 7.30pm

Chris Wood, former Chair of NIFL and a Pagan living in Norwich, will explain what a Pagan is and how they practise their beliefs

June 15th 2021 Tuesday 7.30pm

Yusra and Laura have offered to explain their new roles at The Harbour Centre in Norwich, funded by the Ministry of Justice, with a view to identify and work with groups who fall under ‘protected characteristics’ who may be classed as ‘harder to reach’ groups. The aim is to raise the profile of the ISVA (Independent Sexual Violence Advisor) service, to ensure these groups feel they have equal access, feel safe and supported, and to understand any barriers these groups may face when requiring support if they have been a victim of sexual violence, whether they report to the police or not.

July 20th 2021 Tuesday 7.30pm

This month we welcome Jonathan Robinson, Quaker and member of the Waveney Interfaith Circle, who will give a talk on Quaker weddings, Quaker funerals and the Quaker business method.

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