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February 2021
Funeral and Bereavement Services. Lucy Coote explained her role as Community Ambassador for Rosedale Funeral Homes based in Norfolk and Suffolk. These arrange funerals which are aimed at being personal to the loved one who has died. Lucy also runs community activities to support charities in practical and fundraising ways. She provides Bereavement courses for the Workplace (to have a policy), Families, School students, Ministers and the Police. She encourages people to write down and talk to relatives about their wishes for their own funeral. She made a training video to show what happens at death, and commissioned the Interfaith video on our website. 
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January 2021
World Religion Day. A group of ten local Bahai’s helped us celebrate annual World Religion Day which the Bahai religion began in 1955. Their presentation focused on their central belief that “unity can be a reality”, that different religions are chapters in the same book. Discussion included not turning one’s back on a former religion but enlarging your vision. Bahai’s are all urged to conduct an independent investigation of faith to transform both your personal life and the community around you. There is one God who has responded to different needs at different times. Bahais, Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Spiritualists attending identified common areas of agreement as they talked about their own faith journeys and meeting people from different faiths.

From the Archives and Other Interesting Articles

The following talks were given during Interfaith Week November 2014, marking the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of WW1. The copyright of these articles remains with the authors.

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