Norwich InterFaith Link

Norwich InterFaith Link is a meeting point for people of diverse religions, cultures and communities, to share experiences and beliefs. In new friendships and shared concerns, bonds of trust are born. We meet monthly, usually the third Tuesday, for talks on challenging topics, discussions on issues of common concern, with occasional visits or other activities.

During Covid-19 our monthly meetings are taking place by Zoom video link on your computer with members on our mailing list given details and reminders by email.

To be added to our email list, please complete the Mailing List form.

Next Meeting

October 19th 2021 Tuesday at 7.30pm

Ujjal Kular from the Norfolk Sikhs will explain about this youngest of the six world religions taught in schools. Traditional dress for men is the turban, a custom adopted some time after its beginnings when it developed from the spiritual teachings of Guru Nanak. Born into a Hindu family in India in the 1400’s, he reacted against religious divisions with an emphasis on there being one God and the importance of the equality of all. 

Meeting ID: 871 2029 2735 Passcode: 082619

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